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He Luo Clinic

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At He Luo Clinic our philosophy and purpose is to:

Prevent Ill health

Restore you to good health when you are ill

Help you to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle, as stress-free as is possible in today’s fast-moving world.

Our philosophy is to providing you with the highest quality and standards of care, promoting wellness and correcting ill health, based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By combining Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Remedy  Massage, we design a personal health plan for every client to solve your problems and restore your body’s natural balance.

Our team is made up of a group of very professional, experienced and dedicated people.
• Degree(s) specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine from a recognized medical university in China.
• Doctor’s certificate issued by the medical Ministry of China after recognizing the doctor’s qualification and experience.
• At least 10 years work experience in Chinese Medicine.
• Over 90% success rate in the treatments he or she provides.

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