Before we start inducing some doctors may allow you to go 10 to 14 days overdue depending on your situation. Before we start any induction process we need to look at each individual to see how we can help you. We can take a look at some of the  Traditional Chinese Methods to help aid the process naturally.  But an Overdue pregnancy can leave a mom-to-be tired and extremely stressed.You might even start trying home remedies to try and help coax baby into the world.

Chinese culture sees that food acts as a very important part of your health and well being. We believe that different types of food stimulate your body in many different ways.Western medicine has also acknowledged this to some extent. As we discover the unique health properties of our food we eat. 

We also believe that Acupuncture or Acupressure can also help. Acupuncture offers a safe and natural method of helping to induce your labour.But only when your baby is ready .an acupuncture treatment can help to stimulate the changes to trigger the delivery process. 

Some Foods That Will Help 

Barley Water can help in inducing labour.It also is very good for water retention in legs and feet. This has an anti-diuretic which will help to reduce the swelling. To add to this one you could add red beans as they are good for the blood circulation.To induce labour you must drink a larger quantity to have the desired effect for example 3 bowls a day.  

Fruit That Also Helps

Green Papayas contain certain enzymes that help to stimulate the uterine. Also will help soften the cervix and help bring on labour. While unripe papayas will have the best results. Pineapples and mango also contain enzymes that can help to encourage labour. 

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