Beauty Acupuncture at He Luo Clinic

Beauty acupuncture is a very effective treatment to delay the signs of ageing with impressive results.

Energy and blood flow throughout the facial skin and muscles. Key points on the head, face and body are stimulated by the application of needles. Acupuncture prevents the formation of wrinkles. In addition, it minimises the appearance of fine lines. This improves the processes through which the skin regulates its quality and its appearance. Acupuncture treatment techniques increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the face. In order to reduce visible signs of ageing bringing a youthful glow to the face.

Skin Fibers will strengthen with the increase of collagen production. Reduced puffiness is created around the eyes as the muscles are plumped. The “whole body” facial beauty acupuncture treatment is an exclusive skin rejuvenating method that unlocks not only the ability of the face to reflect a healthier and younger appearance but also addresses internal causes of premature ageing.
Overall beauty acupuncture can enhance the performance of fibroblast activity and collagen and elastin formation and remodel the collagen network within the dermis.

Herbal Facial

A combination of natural, purifying and potent mixtures are used to nourish the skin. Great for antiaging and improving the texture of skin. Our herbal facials are suitable for all skin types.


Our anti-ageing “miracle” treatment is readily available at select stores. The treatment produces glowing effects to the skin. Chinese royals used this treatment to remain youthful incompletion.


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